Furry upload tool progress! by Nsyse

So in case y'all don't know, I started a crossposting tool recently :)
I was sick of crossposting manually and actually started piling up on stuff I had yet to upload at all.
So now I have a Java tool that generates a test suite to do it (partly) for me!
It fills fields that are common through the websites :

Here's the demo videos :

V0.1: Hardcoded test suite generator

V0.2: Form-based test suite generator

V0.3 has no current videos yet but adds the following:

  • Option to generate Journal upload test suite instead
  • Select which sites to generate automation for.
  • Now supports the following websites (all but Weasyl, DA and FA are newly added)
    • Furiffic (Seems like a pretty powerful site BTW, UI is okay and nice FA gallery importer included too)
    • SoFurry
    • InkBunny

I'll probably add content rating too since that's a common theme.

I'd like to know :

  • Anyone want to use that?Because if not, I'll just hardcode a bunch of stuff for myself (always SFW content rating, my folders etc.)

From now on I'll post pretty much errything new to all supported sites except InkBunny.
Might even join and add more, idk.
So unless you don't mind seeing the same content a billion times in your multiple inboxes,
I suggest you only watch one of my account.
I might still do individual milestones giveaway, but I make no promise on that as I miss most of them anyways.
Also, I post non furry stuff on DA in the off chance I draw that:

Some of these have yet to get crossposted

DeviantArt: http://nsyse.deviantart.com/
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~nsyse
Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nsyse/
SoFurry: https://nsyse.sofurry.com/
Furiffic: https://www.furiffic.com/Nsyse/info

Also, sorry Furiffic for the instant gallery spam! I thought it'd be done over time :s

Good day :)

Furry upload tool progress!


3 April 2016 at 21:57:01 MDT

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    I need this desperately. I was considering making it myself but there's no use duplicating work if it already exists. I've tried using so many other crossposting tools but this is the most elegant solution I think.

    Hit me up with a comment or message if you get this. I'm surprised there isn't more of a response to this great tool.

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      Thanks I had mostly abandoned development since no one seemed interested. I still use it, but it's flawed. I did not figure out how to do tags and/or descriptions on certain sites and forgot to use content rating for SF. The code has yet to be refactored to be cleaner but it works acceptably well. Only the manipulations test sometimes fail but you can immediately replay them anyway. It doesn't submit for you, allowing to double check what is filled in the forms first, so no harm can be done.

      I'll have to change the default paths to be configurable before making it available.

      What sites do you intend to use it for? I can tell you what's working for them.
      I'll put it on github online tonight since you're interested, thanks for asking it'll motivate me to upgrade it again :) Do give any feedback you have for it.

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        If it helps at all, you can definitely expect a huge surge in interest now that FA has fucked up royally, it just needs to get shared around a bit (if you want it to be). Interest might diminish again but right now people are planning on making a concerted effort to migrate to other sites - myself included.

        I plan on experimenting with maintaining a gallery on FA, InkBunny, Weasyl, FurryNetwork (which is quite new so I can deal with that not working for a while) and DeviantArt. Possibly even Tumblr. It's a lot to juggle I know, but I've been making active plans on being a full-time artist so it's important for me to get my artwork seen as effectively as possible.

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          I'd love to see this get around. Now is indeed a good time to promote it. I'm bad at promotion though. :D

          WHAT YOU ASKED FOR: Current state is :

          DA: Partial/Contains hardcoded preferences: Default theme and folder (Description and tags not working, current presence of hardcoded personal preferences : Default folder)
          FA: Full (Title, artwork, desc, tags, content rating)
          Furiffic: Partial, 1 known bug : Does not work if have any unread Notification/Contains hardcoded preferences: Digital selected by default (Tags not supported)
          Furry Network: Not supported yet.
          InkBunny: Partial (Content rating not supported)
          SoFurry: Partial (Content rating not supported)
          Weasyl: Full (Title, artwork, desc, tags, content rating)

          NB: Journal support is directly linked to state of Title+Description support.

          My goal was to make something that saves up time for artists to be able to crosspost without having to retype/manually copy/paste any redundant information from site x to site y. Even though it's not perfect, I think that it delivers acceptably so far! It definitely lets me focus more on the specific of each upload instead of filling the filepath again and again.

          IF YOU'RE CURIOUS:

          It requires the following setup :

          • Firefox
          • Selenium IDE Firefox plugin : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/selenium-ide/
          • Set Selenium IDE to use Firefox's default profile.
            This makes it so that whenever Selenium opens a window/tab, it will use your existing sessions/cookies/whatevers. That way you never have to type your username password into my program or Selenium! (Which I though would be shady af IMHO) Just be careful what else you do with Selenium, it means whenever it will open a page it will be logged in if you stayed logged in. : (Forgot how at the moment, will search after school today :s)
            TL;DR: I can't be responsible if Selenium has exploits and fucks you over. Pretty sure it's safe.

          • Either run the source code in a Java IDE or have an executable .jar of it. Which would you rather have?

          What it does:

          Creates test suites with inputted parameters for Selenium to run.

          A test suite is normally fully hardcoded routine to be executed to test the functionalities of a site you develop (Uploading an artwork or Journal in our case). Instead though, I make it change minor parts of the routine using my fugly UI and it sets the Description, Title, file path, etc.

          It creates these routines as html pages (the input for the firefox plugin). You then have to open a page in firefox you allow popups for and run the test suite in selenium IDE.

          It would be possible to have it start when you click the confirmation instead of generating tests to be later run. Currently it doesn't because:

          1. I kind of like to be able to reopen test suites to complete uploads I didn't complete.
          2. It's mostly wayy harder to make :p

          Any questions? :D

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            Yeah that sounds about right, I saw the video of it in action and I got a decent idea of how it works. There's no huge rush other than that a lot of people will likely start needing a tool like this in the coming days, so just put it up whenever you're happy with the way it's working. Let me know when you do and if you'd like me to get the word out - I'm not super popular but I know a bunch of people who'd like to use this tool.

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              Thanks, I should put up what's working so far on git, but I'll need to remember how I set up selenium. Searched a bit but nothing yet.

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                Take your time :) I'll be asking around with friends to see what else they might be able to figure out themselves but I do think you should offer what you've got done so far. You'll make a lot of artists happy with this, I'm sure - assuming that you're okay with sharing it around and developing it further, of course. No pressure whatsoever.

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                  I got busy with friends today.
                  I hope to have time next week to edit it and upload a more functional version. DA's test will probably fail as it uses my default preferences.

                  I have a con this weekend C:

                  I'll try to find how to setup selenium with the default firefox profile. I know that's the issue, but I don't recall how I did it.
                  If you want to try to figure it out, a simple way to confirm it is using a test that only opens DA etc. and see if you're already logged in.

                  I would really like to see this used by others, I intended to make it to give all sites a fighting chance (I'm really sick of FA's bullshit). Please don't talk too much about it until a more proper version is updated though, that'd be stressful.

                  I'd love to add features as they're requested, but I have university all year, I'll do my best to provide :)

                  Thanks for your interest and patience!

                  Here's the source code:

                  It should work once selenium is set up properly AND you replace the hardcoded directories path in the following files:

                  Look for the line below "//REPLACE THIS PATH:"
                  Generators.PathChooser.java : The path where the generated tests will be put
                  SubmissionForms.ArtSubmissionForm.SubmissionFormElements.PathSubmissionFormElement.java : The folder path opened to choose which file to upload

                  I think I didn't forget any other hardcoded value?

                  I'll update this with a sexier way to choose filepaths than hardcoding them and try to remember how I set up Selenium to use my default profile when I have time (sometime next week).