Thanks For Commissioning Me!! by Inkblot

The past few days i have been working on some commissions i have gotten, and i have to say it feels really good to get to work on them. there are a lot of things about getting commissions that make me just wanna smile. the feeling of responsibility, the fact that people like my work enough to pay for it, the loads of different ideas i get to work with when doing so! it all just makes commissions really worth it at times. and yeah, i like doing personal stuff as well, but there is a special kind of warmth from doing these works for other people that i just can't get enough off. so i just want to say again thank you all who have commissioned me, or who are looking too, as it really means a lot to me. and also thanks to all the people who follow me, support me, and have helped me improve, because without you guys i would have never gotten this far.

Thanks For Commissioning Me!!


3 April 2016 at 20:02:48 MDT

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