Who am I? by taztiger74

I don't know where to start....... well, I guess current is a good place.
I'm single and lost in a changing world....
I've had many bad relationships, some could have been worked on to make work.
I don't know what to expect.
I crashed into the Furry World by finding a picture of a tiger on the internet. To be exact the picture is of Devlin & Lee in Kyell Gold's book "Out of Position" got me wondering, who I am! I read all five of the books. Enjoyed them and related to Dev, wondering if I should follow him and find me a good guy like Lee!?!? How can this be, how will this be taken with everyone that knows me, or do they really....... do I know who I am??!
How can one know who they are if they are lost to begin with? I guess this is classic midlife crisis, 42 birthday approaching and nothing to show for!
I do have this, to be glad for.....
I live in Texas
I have my family, <3 them all, super supportive!
I have a good job, I get by money is tight, living on my own in an apartment.
I enjoy taking pictures with my digital and iPhone.
I'm a naturalist love the outdoors, gardening, hiking and camping
I like computers...... I'm not a master or all that good on them I mess them up more than anything! lol :D
I'm a LEGO fanatic, love to build!
I'm a movie lover, mostly cartoons, Disney, scifi, action, & fantasy I own almost 700 DVDs
I went to the Texas Furry Fiesta had a BLAST!! I met so many wonderful people including Kyell Gold! I will be getting myself a suit and returning, I felt like I fit in. Design in progress.
Now if I could just find a soulmate that won't try to change me! I'm so tired of getting to know and find they didn't like me as I am. I guess that explains the failed relationships! :D
I just want to be myself...... with out trying to impress everyone....... can this be done, IDK.... I want to find out!!

Who am I?


29 March 2016 at 21:08:08 MDT

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