If you liked zootopia(spoiler free) by foxboyprower

I'm a pop culture slowpoke. I just saw zootopia last week. And I took me this long to get around to writing a journal.
But I'm not writing this about zootopia itself. I wanted to make a suggestion for those of you that want more anthro entertainment.

There's an anime on Crunchyroll called "Polar Bear's Cafe". The show is very relaxed, carefree, and very charming. It's a ray of calming sunshine among the rest of my entertainment.
But don't think that means it's boring. This is a show with anthro animals, and the way things work is quite bizzare.
Unlike zootopia, "Polar Bear's Cafe" does have humans. It takes place in a version of Japan where anthropomorphic animals and humans live alongside each other.

In most anthro entertainment, this means the writers will use this as a way to speak out about social injustice in our own society by drawing a parralel between the fictional animals and real life minorities. That's a good thing, but Polar Bear's Cafe doesn't do that.
After all, there's plenty of excellent anthro entertainment doing just that. In "Polar bear's cafe", animals and humans have very few problems living together. Predation isn't a concern. There are no anthro fish, and since this is Japan, everyone just eats those for meat.

The main character is Panda. Panda is a panda and works as a part time panda at the zoo since his mother insisted he get a job.
Being a panda at the zoo wears Panda out, so Panda only works as a panda twice a week.
If any of that sounded strange, you're getting a glimpse at how bizzare this show can be by just treating all of this as normal everyday life.
It only gets stranger as the show goes on, but I'll let you see that for yourself.

If you liked zootopia(spoiler free)


27 March 2016 at 13:40:28 MDT

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