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Hard to believe Zootopia has already been out for 3 weeks already and it is Disney's biggest movie ever. Now I attribute part of that fact to the increased ticket prices of 3D and Imax versions of the movie, but none the less, it’s a colorful and exciting world full of animals, what's not to love!

Disney has always been good at giving their animal characters expressions, some of my personal favorites have been Maximus, Pascal, (Tangled) and Sven (if you don't know what movie he is from my god where have you been living?)

So now to make a movie all about animals AND their wicked awesome array of facial expressions PLUS giving them voices = a pretty darn great excitement of a movie I must say.

Not to mention is a cop type story, and there are so many TV shows and movies dedicated to crime fighting and mystery solving detectives already; needless to say that people like it.

After three attempts of trying to see it I finally got lucky and got to enjoy Disney’s latest epic.

I was surprised there was not short to accompany the film and wished there had been more trailers too. Only for the Jungle Book and Finding Dory.

The movie itself was wonderful. So much cuteness and funny moments and a terrific mystery encompassed it all! I loved the characters and the writing of the story. Nick Wilde’s Dialogue probably had to be my favorite.

Now, if my parents were as lovingly obviously unsupportive as Judy’s, I’d have probably blown up in their faces about it. But of course the high road is best, and that’s what Judy takes, good for her.

I liked how the movie explained the predator and prey origins and how they became to be what they are today, however some questions of mine were not answered, such as what do the predator species eat!?

Clawhauser had his doughnuts, that was cute. The only other foods I saw in the movie were carrots, cake, ice cream, popsicles, blueberries, and that’s all I can recall. Point is I didn’t see any proteins! Now since there is ice cream, I imagine that the cows still service milk and have dairy farms the way rabbits have carrot farms. And I saw a “Fish Market” in the Arctic district of the city, so that could suggest they there is fish as a food option.

When Judy was coming into the city and we were getting all these grand scenes and views of all of Zootopia I was having trouble with where to look! There was so much color and excitement and beauty! It was a visual feast and I didn’t have enough room to take it all in, I was overwhelmed by its grandeur. And that goes with a lot of the movie, I feel there was so much to it I haven’t seen yet or missed and overlooked. I cannot wait to see it again and brush through it all over and over and fully appreciate its complexity and details! Did you know that the animators created every single damn leaf and fibre of fur! The small little mice had furs in the six figure range and the giraffes had over 3 million fur strands! Disney even had to try out new technology for when Nick was playing with Bellwether’s wool because it is extremely complex to have fur touching fur in animation.

Judy’s neighbors were voiced by the Director and Co-Director, and they were hilarious! Love them! That’s all I have to say about that.

I think Clawhauser is a sweetheart and I certainly hope we get to see more of him. Chief Bogo was way more intimidating that I thought he would be, very Garth-Like.

SO much Godfather homage!

I thought the wolves were pretty shifty but totally loved them, the whole howling thing was precious, but what I really enjoyed was how much of Jett I could see in them. Especially when the one wolf was sniffing out Nick, his face and investigatory posture was so much like how Jett and I play, it was so cute and special to see it in a top quality animation!

There was a jump scare moment that I personally didn’t jump, but the whole row behind me screamed as if it was a horror movie and then everyone was nervously laughing while trying to recover and also focus on the film. I personally got a great laugh out of that.

There was a nice double play on the part of the writers., you think its over and then it isn't.

I loved the whole concept of why animals were going savage.

I didn’t expect the main villain, to be who the main villain is. Naturally I figured it out the moment I saw the villain(s) in a certain place.

The song, Try Everything was good. I really like it and its catchy tune, however it hardly rhymes! I find that kind of funny, and looking into a lot of music lately, there isn’t so much poetry of music as there is just speaking in song and inflecting voices up and down. I really liked the song don’t get me wrong, it is still awesomely stuck in my head and I even stopped writing my review several times to listen to it over and over.

In terms of the writing of the song, I give my preference to Let It Go, it just a much more smooth flowing song. But for catchy and feel good tune, I give my preference to Try Everything.

So those Tiger dancers... I admit they were very attractive Tigers and they had some great Dancing moves and expressions. The fanart of them has ranged from cute to egregious in regards to the adult content in which these tigers have been depicted. They are some pretty nice lookers, that’s for sure.

All in all I loved the movie and I thought it was an especially endearing story, however I am not nearly satisfied enough with this world or these characters. I want more! There is so much to explore and I really hope that among sequels, there is some sort of television show or something that explores all of the other districts and lives of other animals and how they go about existing.

I want to see more tigers! Let’s learn about Elephant ways of life, give us more Otters!! What is Bogo’s life like when he isn’t at work? How about the Mice and Lemmings? We are only given little glimpses into their parts of the Zootopia world, I feel that there is so much more to explore and know!

Zootopia Review (No Spoilers)


23 March 2016 at 23:52:04 MDT

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