New prices! Sketches added! Commissions OPEN!! by Angry_Koala

Weekend In-Stream Discounts
Fri-Sun. at noon(central time) same day sketches are %50 off!
More info here:

I'm willing to draw; SFW, gore, and NSFW. Gay, lesbian, straight, etc., and I can add my own character if requested(you just have to pay the extra character price). Just ask me if a character of your choosing will be cool with what you want. As long as it's in my fetish limitations then I really don't mind. A lot of my characters are switches too, just an fyi~ ;D
Fetish limitations can be found here;

-Preferred payment is PayPal
-Payment in USD
-Pay upfront
-PM me or comment below with a character reference and what you want in detail

Sketch Prices
Sketches are quick and usually done within 1-2 days.

Add color for +$10

Chibi- $5;

Bust- $10;

Half Body- $15;

Full Body- $20-25(depends on character difficulty);

Extra Character(s)

Flat color prices
Add shading for +$10

Chibi $10-

Bust $15-

Half Body $20-25(depends on character difficulty)-

Full Body $30-50(depends on character difficulty)-

Extra Character(s)

Add a Background
Depending on what you want(anything from a forest to a large city landscape) will vary in price. Just ask about putting a background on half body or even busts, we could work something out ;3

Chibi: $10(will be simplified)
Sketch: $15-20
Flat: $25-50
Painted/Shaded: +$20 <--- Chibi example

Ref Sheets
Simplified ref sheet- $30-$50(varies with character difficulty);

Comes with; Front, back, color palette, and name

-Choose either a nude or clothed ref. +$15 if you want both.
-3 expression/headshots +$10
-3 detailed shots(mouth, eyes, paws,wings, side bust etc.) +$10
-3 chibi clothes designs(underwear, sleepwear, summer clothes, etc.) +$10
-NSFW close-up(dick, vagina, etc.) +$5 each
-Side View(full body) +$15

-Text description characters/make custom character(if you don't have any prior refs) +$10

*Ref sheets only come in flat color

Comic Strips
2-5 panels

Sketch: $40
Flat Color: $60
Extra Character(s): +$10

Add a Background

-Simple background $10;
Choose up to three colors for the background!
Couple icons in this style are only $15!

-Slap Happy & Grabby Hands $15 each;
Tell me what body part you want your character(chibi) to slap or grab(boobs, pecs, butt, etc.) and who the second character should be(I can add my own character if you don't have one) OR you can grab/slap at objects, like starbucks coffee or an ipod or a monster energy drink. Just tell me! I won't draw anything nsfw unless you REALLY want it. I only say this because nsfw icons isn't allowed on most sites, but I won'd say no if you ask for the character getting slapped or grabbed at to be naked or something.
Couple icons in this style are only $25!

-Detailed background $20;
Gotta be specific for what you want for these. If you want me to wing it then give me a theme(butcher, enchanted, fight, etc.) and I'll see what I can do ;3
Couple icons in this style are only $30!

New prices! Sketches added! Commissions OPEN!!


23 March 2016 at 21:09:39 MDT

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