old tablet died by kuto

well this is just fantastic, it appears my old genius tablet the one i've been using since i discovered pressure sensitivity died. It seemed to stop functioning on me in the middle of drawing. The only tablet i have right now is a wacom intous4 that that's not working at all( just after i got the darn thing too) so since that wasn't working i've been using my old one. But now that my old one is dead im screwed, with a wacom device that isn't working. I may have to call dell or wacom since its more likely the computer doing this but i have a feeling there gonna charge me to say the have no idea whats wrong. If there's anyone who knows how to fix the issues of a dysfunctional intous4( the cursor wont move at all when plugged in) please contact me. Of all times for this to happen, my genius decides to die now.

old tablet died


1 March 2013 at 22:16:10 MST

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