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10 facts about Weekend comic by Zeta-Haru

Hello again! ^^

I wanted to write a journal to list some of the facts I find interesting about the "Weekend" comic story and even facts that you wouldn't know unless I told you, such as inspiration for the characters and other references. I hope you enjoy :3

1 - The camp location where Weekend 2 happens is based of "Abando", it was a tribute for being the best fur event in Brazil. Unfortunally it was discontinued but it will always live in our hearts.

2 - The location of Weekend 1 and 2 are inspired by the first two times I met my boyfriend Mytigertail in real life: His house, and at Abando a few months later.

3 - Daniel has a little brother that still wasn't featured in the comics, he was supposed to appear in Weekend 2, but it really wouldn't be necessary to the story.

4 - Both new characters (Kate and Taylor) are characters I've always wanted to "give life", their concepts, from personality and details like hair and dressing style, were in my mind probably since 2008 but weren't even anthro at the start.

5 - Kate Brown was created from a mix of references, her hair and style were chosen after Hayley Williams, the singer of Paramore. Also, Her name "Kate" was a form of tribute to Kate Marsh from the game "Life is Strange" which in the first gameplay I experienced, commited suicide. The fact of her being a photographer and liking to take pictures is almost a complement to the previous inspiration, but in this case it's from Max, the main character of the game. You'll probably notice more references related to this later in the comics.


6 - Taylor Tuckerman is the oldest character concept I have, his clothing style was imagined back in 2008 when I was 13 years old, the character was human and supposed to be in a band as the drummer. At the start of the Weekend 2 first ideas, he was going to be another brother of Daniel, but that wouldn't really work.

Old drawings:

7 - The fact their species are cat and dragon is simply because I didn't want more canines and I was looking for diversity. (even though most of the comic cameos are still canines haha).

8 - [Spoiler Alert] There is a certain big rock in the middle of the forest at a certain point in the comic. It was supposed to be a small reference to the Eevee evolution stones (for glaceon and leafeon).

9 - Joel's mother was inspired by Harry Potter's mother Lily (this might explain why they look alike and have the same eye color) and it was my way of expressing how I wanted them to have a normal life and that she could see Harry growing. The fact that the dad is mysterious is, well, because nothing is perfect, it was a form of counterbalancing this "happy end" I made haha. The fact that Joel is gay and his mom is okay with it could somehow be related to the Dumbledore being gay thing.


10 - The reason for the heart necklaces is because when I was younger I always wanted to have that, what I got instead was a single necklace of a red heart, similar to what Joel and Dan's look when together. But eventually friends started mocking me for that and I stopped wearing it. Making this necklace a prominent in a story was a way of showing that I'm still proud of it (I still have the necklace with me in a little box) and that love is an important part of my life and life in general. This reason is also shared with why my fursona has a heart on his cheek.

The more you know huh? ^^ You might have already know a few of these but that only means you're a big fan ;w; You can ask me some questions in the comment section, but I can't promise answering all of them, I still have secrets to keep :P

And I think what all of the facts have in common is that they were all very special or important to me, doesn't matter if it was last month or 10 years ago :3 I'm happy that I'm creating something and all of this using what's more personal in me.

See you guys in the next journal~

10 facts about Weekend comic


21 March 2016 at 16:28:16 MDT

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    No questions here, just letting you know I love the comics! Keep up the great work!