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Weasyl bugs? by NimbleBun

Is there a bug going on? I can't submit because I keep getting an error message about adding tags (which I did) and I'm not desperate enough to prowl the help forums when I just want to submit a help ticket.

Anyway, if you want to see more art by me, go here:

Weasyl bugs?


20 March 2016 at 03:59:54 MDT

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    That's strange. Could you give me a screencap of the error you're getting? As well as tell me which browser you are using (and which version of said browser) and give me a few examples of tags you were trying to add? You need at least two tags to upload a submission so if you were using at least two tags then you shouldn't be getting a tag related error.

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      I'm using my mobile android device.

      I did my best to follow the directions with the tags. I attempted combinations such as the following: skull pin_cushion

      Skull pin cushion

      Human skull

      And when I'd click submit I'd get to the screen that says I need two tags minimum.

      Did I type the tags wrong?

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        It might be the fact that you are submitting from a phone. I have had issues with forms not being filled in when submitting on other sites when all fields were filled.

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        I think I might have figured the problem.

        Since it's mobile, when you enter a tag field, a mobile device's 'space bar' does not seperate tags if you try to tag it like "skull pin_cushion", so it is not inputting those tags either.

        Try hitting your mobile phone's equivelant of the enter key to actually input the tags. So type it like "skull" [Enter] "pin cushion" [enter]. You will know if the tag is registered if there is an X next to it, like this:

        I hope that makes sense, if not let me know and I'll try to explain it better!

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          Bam! That ended up working. Now I'll know if tags are registering :) thanks again.

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            Awesome. I was also told by our devs that clearing the cache on your phones web browser plus restarting the phone should make it so spaces or commas will register as they should on mobile devices.

            This actually is a bug of sorts but doing this should let you by pass it.