Stream Commissions Open! by Ficus

Last night worked so nicely, I figure how about I do the rest of the month like that!

These commissions will be drawn during my streams over the next two weeks and they look like this!

1 character for $65, additional interacting characters for $35 each (more for extra limbs or high detail stuff). Backgrounds are available for an additional cost

Portraits are $35 each if you'd like one. Sequences are priced as multiple individual images.

I will draw:
⋅Humans, Furries, non-binary characters, binary characters, Transformation, Hypnosis, Shortstacks, light hyper. multiple limbs and robotic features are extra, and the less organic robotics look, the pricier they'll be.

I won't draw:
Genitals, non-consensual sexual content, underage characters in sexual situations, consenting age characters who look underage in sexual situations, characters you don't have permission to use in sexual situations. I won't draw boobs on the feral half of taurs (or on feral characters).

For this, I will require an image ref of the character being commissioned

Comment on this journal if you'd like a commission, Once I confirm you've got a slot, send me a note with the details.

Slots are pretty loose with this, I'll keep this post updated when I'm full.

Stream Commissions Open!


19 March 2016 at 14:42:34 MDT

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