PATREON Update! by Paul Lucas

For those who may be unaware, I do have a PATREON PAGE up. PATREON is a place where for as little as a dollar a month, you can help me and many other creative-types to keep on doing all the artwork and stories you guys seem to enjoy. = )

Become a patron! Adults only please, as my work does tend toward steamy content.

For $1/mo, you will be alerted to various news concerning my creative work, as well as helping me achieve long-term project-related goals. I'm currently trying to scrounge up enough money for a decent Wacom tablet and for a decent work desk instead of the rickety 25-year-old art table I'm currently using.

For those who pledge $3/mo, also I offer NUDE, Uncensored, and/or HD versions of select artwork, as well as some artwork exclusive for patrons.

For those who pledge $5/mo, I offer not only access to the artwork, but a number of stories, previews for my upcoming books, and coupons for same, all uncensored. Currently up are a first-draft look at ICE AGE HEAT, previews for the upcoming 100 POTIONS and THE SHATTERED SKY RPG, an exclusive mainstream SF story titled LUNAR ABYSS, and even a 50% off coupon for ICE AGE HEAT!

The page is still a WIP, only about two months old, but new content is being added on a steady basis. Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Paul Lucas

16 March 2016 at 09:58:26 MDT

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