Big Update by chaosfault

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on what's going on right now.

Well as you know I'm university student and right now I have one assignment left to finish and hand in by late May. I know it sounds like a lot of time but the assignment is very big and very important so I'll be putting a lot of time and effort into it. No it doesn't mean I'm not gonna be posting stuff, it just means I'll probably gonna be spending more time on the assignment.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about something important to me and that's my Un-Named comic and The Wishes of Dreams comic I do with Tony, aka zander the artist on DA.

Just to say I'm hopefully gonna put more focus when I can into doing my new comic, it's a big thing for me since I've debated with myself about doing a comic series I want to stick with, but this is something I feel real confident about doing, so I'm hoping you'll support my decision.

As for Wishes of Dreams, me and Tony are very busy, with both our studies and our own art, but I will be trying to bring out more pages as soon as I can so please just wait. I've talked to Tony about this and he says that he wants to continue it.

Now to talk about the art list. I'll be posting them in journals so I know and you know what I'll be drawing, so yes it is gonna be a thing. Also when I put circles on the end of things on the list it means there basically done.

Speaking of which here's the list, plus request and commission list.

Crash Bandicoot (coloured) O

Picture of my character Jay (ADULT) O

Club Party picture (ADULT) O

Game related pic O

Picture for BurningArcanine on FA (ADULT) O

Page 3 of Unnamed comic (might be mature) O

Picture of Sans from Undertale O

A new story O

Request pictures O

Picture of Amethyst O

Page 2 of Kingdom Hearts Wishes of Dreams O

Sketchs for the Comic Kingdom Hearts Wishes of Dreams O

Short Pokémon comic 2 pages (ADULT) O

Page 3 of Off The Board

Front Cover for Off the Board

This list was not in any particular order

Request Slot: Taken by Sairendipity on DA DONE

Request Slot: Taken by borgri DONE

Request Slot: Taken by my friend Joshua DONE

Request Slot: Might be Taken

Request Slot: Taken by BurningArcanine on FA DONE

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Big Update


10 March 2016 at 11:53:44 MST

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