Magic & Malice - comic collaboration by Amethyst Mare

Contagious Comics:

I was waiting until we had a few pages rolling before speaking more about this project. First off, it's a collaboration with the lovely Latex, who is a prolific and professional artist on the furry sites. Congratulations for 10,000 FA watchers, which is a massive achievement! Our current project is 'Magic and Malice' under the collaboration of Contagious Comics.

'Magic and Malice' is a comic that follows the life of a young mage in the palace under the emperor's employ. She has been done a great wrong in her early years, a hideous truth that one would not spoil, and is out to seek her revenge on the emperor, the cause of unrest and horror. The sergal has a plan afoot and intends to carry it out at all costs. After losing everything, she has nothing left to lose and holds her life in reckless regard, overcome with the need for revenge and revenge alone. This calculating cat is not one to be trifled with. But will she come out of this plot alive? Will she have her revenge? Only reading will uncover the truth...

Contagious Comics is currently published on Patreon and pages can be accessed for only 1 USD (maximum of three pages per month) so they are quite affordable! We didn't want to put this beyond the reach of readers but the support will help us go on to produce more comics for you. We intend to employ a more flexible and experimental form, pairing a single image with a lengthier section of text, for your viewing and reading pleasure so please expect comics after this first issue to veer off the beaten track. We're out to produce you content that delights!

Thanks for all your support here - now let's go make some comics!

Amethyst (Arian) & Latex (Ilya)

Magic & Malice - comic collaboration

Amethyst Mare

6 March 2016 at 04:12:16 MST

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