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Children's Book Illustrations - Question by cooley

Life Update
Over the weekend I spent the day with kids teaching them about some of the traditional ways Alaskans have lived in the past, and still live today. I worked with some of the rangers in the area, it was a lot of fun.

I am also excited to have a new sit-stand desk that we installed over the weekend. It is helping with my productivity, as it can be exhausting working on a Wacom Cintiq by leaning over a keyboard tray constantly. I tried all kinds of things with my old desk with limited success, and am glad to be moving on. I'll snap a photo of it the new setup when I get a chance.

Remodeling downstairs is nearly complete, all the flooring is in and we have all the trim and t-molding ready to go in next. Still need to install backsplash in the kitchen, but that may need to wait a month so I can catch up on my freelance work first.

Children's Book Illustrations - Question
What is your experience, if any, with illustration for children's books? How did you get started in the business and what would you recommend? I think my portfolio is competitive enough to try children's book illustrations, especially with the recent work I've done for the National Parks Service. What are your thoughts?

Children's Book Illustrations - Question


2 March 2016 at 23:11:14 MST

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    I think you should! I dont have any experience with the children illustrations... but I think you should!