FB exclusives, Free patreon stuff, etc by jen-foxworth

Time for new journal yay! Some new things! First of all, on my FB page that I've been using much more now, I've started doing some fun things. For every 100 likes that are achieved on it, I hold a Cannon Raffle. (has a nice name don't it, Cannon Raffle, Cannon Rifle, KABOOM) Anyhoo. How it works is that for every 100 likes on the page, I post a thing and people say what cannon char they want, and I shall do that char, in color as well. And sometimes I'll pick two, depending on what chars show up in the thread. So it's like a request raffle but using Cannon chars only.

I also hold events that are for specific days on my FB page, like the cannon raffle/contest for the pokemon anniversary the other day.

Another thing, is on every site I'm on, or most every site, I've been posting every single day, or at least the equivelent of, sometimes I'll post 2 times one day and not the next, but usually it's once a day.
Patreon rewards and etc remain the same, with one difference. Patreon gets everything first. Not on a reward tier, but still there first. Like, I've put a few easter pics on there. They are free to view, but they won't get posted here until that time. Did you know you can follow a patreon, and NOT pledge? So you still get to see the free stuff. Another difference is it doesn't email you when I post new stuff so you'd have to check it yourself, but since I post something every day.... XD I actually do this to a lot of people myself, like Sakimichan and Twarda, because I don't currently pledge to anyone (I has the bills you know XD) but I follow their pages because they release free content and stuff all the time. I even snagged one of Sakimi's free tutorials once, and it's wicked amazing!

There is free stuff I post on my patreon that doesn't get posted here or the main sites, funny doodles, sketches, WIP, etc.

Another question, just in general, what is your favorite character and your favorite fandom of all time? I am quite curious about this yes yes. There are so many of both it's interesting to see what other people like. If you can't pick you can name up to three of each.

(last time I asked everyone about their favorite B movies, and trust me I have been watching those, XD)

FB exclusives, Free patreon stuff, etc


29 February 2016 at 07:37:36 MST

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