So..! >w>; How does Vore art do on Weasyl? by SpiderMilkshake

^w^' I ask primarily because a decent chunk of my artwork is a particular few types of non-fatal vore and endosoma-related, and I was wondering if that sort of thing was likely to frighten off people who would follow for the rest of my art.

I was also curious as to how close-knit and supportive the vore-loving community is on this site. ^w^ On FA it is usually very supportive and gives tons of useable feedback and interaction. Deviantart is iffy as there are equal numbers of people who like vore as there are people who would harass and bash artists who draw any form of it--and I've noticed a larger portion of vore-lovers on DA tend to be in it for the fetishization only and not really offering up much praise or criticism of the artistry involved. >w< But that's just my experience. Very interested in hearing what it's like on here for those topics.

Thankee kindly~

So..! >w>; How does Vore art do on Weasyl?


25 February 2016 at 04:53:39 MST

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    I know there are several artists that post it here with relative frequency. I don't personally care for soft vore/endosoma, but it's probably more popular than my version of vore lol