Sorry, Mostly on FA! :c by Teskine

I'm just gonna post up here my apologies that I'm so out-of-date and absent here.

As much as I, like others, had hopes for Weasyl, the fact is FA is still the main hub.
While I know some folks really prefer being here and basically boycotted FA, I do not have this luxury available to me as a full-time artist. Most of my client-base is on FA and thus that's where I have to focus my efforts in order to survive. Weasyl is just not something I remember often because it sadly does to little for me to survive and make ends meet. I just can't invest much time here at all, so I apologize for this to those who use Weasyl exclusively and enjoy/want to see more of my artwork. ;A;

I do use Twitter very often, under the handle @TeskyArt . That's a good place to get info on openings and the like if you were interested and do not want to use FA. I do typically post links to FA journals with info, but I always leave a contact email for those who do not use FA. I also started a tumblr, also under the handle "TeskyArt" that I sometimes update with art, along with a Facebook page and a new Instagram under the same.

So, basically, to summarize:
I don't have time to really keep this gallery up to date, sorry! I'm mostly on my FA still!
My art twitter is a great way to keep up with me and hear about commission openings.
I have a art tumblr that I sometimes update, but am not good at tumblr-ing tbh!
I have a Facebook page for my art as well, and a new Instagram for art, too!

Sorry, Mostly on FA! :c


25 February 2016 at 01:38:01 MST

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    yeah its ok. I still consider this site my "main" art site though I still use FA. I hope that now that there's also furry network on the way (its still in beta) that perhaps that site can take FA's crown away. Seriously plz someone take away their crown as the main furry hub online. Its kinda sad when all the weird fetish porn is actually not nearly the grossest part about the site x-x

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    btw I followed you at the twitter. Also can use more nice anthro art to look at there... better than social justice and political crap imo.

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    Can't blame you, though it does make me sad face.