Horoscopes and Astrology? by Cowboypunk

What are your opinions? Do you follow or use them? Why or why not?
What about other kinds of divination - I Ching, tarot, etc.?

I'm working on a project right now that revolves around forms of divination (I will reveal what in particular that is around the beginning of March~) and decided it would be cool to hear y'alls thoughts on these things! I may note my feels later on in the comments or something for those interested, but not now - I don't want anyone to feel nervous or pressured into not sharing because I might have differing opinions. I just want to know your thoughts, whatever they may be :3c

Horoscopes and Astrology?


21 February 2016 at 02:31:24 MST

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    I think taro is a fun way to explore your own feelings about something, but i don't believe in any predictive power behind it.

    don't really know much about most of the others and find horoscopes to be completely useless :)

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    Useful for it's entertainment value but not much more. On par with phrenology or palmistry, not relevant or useful except as a placebo of sorts.

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    I have many thoughts about this but would rather not share them on a public forum at this time. Willing to talk over PM though!

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      I'm happy to hear them privately!

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    I just think it all incredibly interesting even with dismissing much of it as generalizations that are applicable to most people or they find something to draw from it.

    I recently bought a book on the art of reading palms just to see what it has to say. I'll let you know what I can glean from it.

    I tend to enjoy fortunes from cookies. Even if they don't really mean much. The same way I like to read horoscopes just to see how Cancerous or how much of a Rabbit I am.

    I have a close friend who talks of being an Aurist and her mother is an effective Tarot card reader. Despite still being skeptical of these things neither of them make a living off of these gifts and yet they still seem to have a real effect on people who they interact with involving reading their aura or using Tarot to predict their foreseeable future. So despite how I feel about it I'm pretty open to the idea. Not so dismissive that I don't think there's any chance it's real or at least can mean something in the grand scheme of life.
    I do think people can know more beyond what logic and physical senses indicate or dictate.

    Honestly the only thing I dislike completely is superstitions just because they involve too much fear and ignorance typically.

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      I'd love to hear what you get out of it :O!

      Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you - it's super interesting and a lot of people clearly get a lot out of these things irrelevant of their dubious natures, and...I would write out why but I literally just posted a journal about exactly that lol

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    I think the horoscopes are good fun. They did build them after years (?) of research on people born on those certain times. Where as it is mostly "you believe what you want to believe" kind of thing, it does get a home run every now and then. Just like any guessing game. Do I plan my day around horoscopes: nope. Do I read them? YES!

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      They're always so fun to read! If not to at least decide whether or not go "omg that is so me" or "AUGH, YOU DON'T KNOW ME, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE."

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        Precisely! With Aquarius they usually hit home. xD (at least I've decided so)

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          I'm always frustrated by how accurate Taurus tends to be for me, lol. My partner's Libra and it's always cartoonishly wrong though, so it makes up for it :P

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            Ha ha! It's the exact same with my three friends! Complete opposites of the libra! Might have something to do that they were born by the turn of a horoscope schedule ( you know, 12 earlier and they would have had born under a different sign) but that only applies for two of them.