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sorry for the lack of art. by kestral

I'm going through a rather long period of where I have just no motivation to draw. I have tried gestures, working on basic skills, landscapes stuff that I normally don't do to see if that would help me get out of this ... period of 'I don't care if I ever draw again' mood.
I would like to draw, I've tried working on older work, work in progresses that have just ... I don't want to finish.
Lucky for me I don't have any commissions or trades-not that I do any- that people are waiting on so I don't feel guilty in that aspect.
I used to do the conbadgeexchange because it would at least force me to draw something at least once a month, but sometimes it would be a last minute thing and I get spectacular results.

I have the itch to re-draw some of my older characters like my unicorn characters, but the bull shit drama that happened when I did that makes me not want to bother.

sorry for the lack of art.


19 February 2016 at 17:31:45 MST

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    Awwwwww...I really hope you can get your drawing motivation back soon! :)

    And if you want to redraw your old characters, then you should...and not let anyone stop you! :D