5 Random Facts - Day Ten by Greyscale the Hyena

mordrude must be my only watcher with interesting questions. It's that or everyone else has no hands o0

  1. I first started knitting with my grandmother when I was about 4. I dropped it for a long time after that, but in the fourth grade, I picked up knitting and crocheting again. It's an on and off again thing, but I enjoy it because it relieves stress. My goal right now is to use all the yarn in my house to make a dicks huge blanket.

  2. My favorite meal would have to be Croissant Lasagna with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Milk, Steamed Broccoli, couscous, and garlic bread!

  3. Why does the Easter Bunny hide his eggs? > He doesn't want anyone to know he's been fucking a chicken. Ooohohohoho I'm so funny. :3

  4. I prefer my hair short. Easier to keep clean, brush, and you stay cooler.

  5. I am a cat person.

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5 Random Facts - Day Ten

Greyscale the Hyena

28 February 2013 at 10:13:43 MST

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