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Xycore BIO: by PuphfAndFriendsOnWeasyl


Son of Saumoanon Rai, Zeikour

(variant spelling: Xycore) is Puphf's

First Cousin, Once Removed. He was

once The King of a Realm of Darkness,

and though he ruled over the darkness,

which was and is still a mass of tribulation,

hardship, suffering, and pain, he was unable

to independently free himself from the darkness,

and thus the darkness had autonomy over him.

When ruling over the darkness he was deceived

by its wickedness; it influenced him in such a way

that it practically brainwashed him. Though he

thought he had the power and authority over the

darkness, and that he alone had attained mastery

over all things, the reality of the situation was that

the darkness was tricking him into thinking he was

the one who was really in charge by concealing itself

from his sight. The darkness made him think that

he had all the power in his respective world, when

really it was in control over him, by causing him

to become dependent upon it (the darkness) for his

happiness. The Darkness made his life comfortable,

so he wouldn't question or want to deviate from

his lifestyle, and it concealed itself from him, that

he would think that his comfort and his power

was solely because of himself and his works, and

that he was the powerful one who was in reign;

but the darkness had made his life the way it was,

and ultimately it would claim his own life, because

there is no life in darkness, and it had tricked him

into indulging in it... which meant that it had set

him up for death, and utter, inevitable destruction.

Realizing the empty feeling he had inside

(his craving for goodness to satisfy him completely

[for the darkness had created a dependency for him,

that he may continuously indulge in it in order to

receive his happiness, and, thus, he was never satisfied,

because he was never at peace or in contentment])

he sought out to claim more power with thinking that

it would bring him more happiness; but what he still

didn't know was that he was ultimately claiming more

power for the darkness, ultimately making it stronger

and making him feel more discontented. Though upon

meeting Puphf, his First Cousin Once Removed, he was

able to see, though he has not allowed himself to

understand, the true power of goodness that was

nside of him (Puphf). This intrigued him, yet at the

same time it threatened the comfort he thought he

had, for the darkness had caused him to be dependent

upon it's deception, and because of this he was afraid

of any form of change. So Xycore has continued to claim

more power to satisfy himself, even though he really

feels sad and empty inside. Because of the devastation of

war, Xycore was ultimately dethrones from his official position;

he had lost against his cousin in a fight to claim the throne

(for his cousin had also been in line to claim the throne),

and then later the throne and the entire kingdom of darkness

was taken in an invasion; it seemed as if the darkness, that

had been mischievously at work behind the scenes all those

years, had erected a representative through whom it could,

ultimately, take the throne, to thus reveal its real authority,

and the crippling worthlessness of Xycore. Being as how Xycore

had reformed his kingdom into being a military kingdom,

as was Sparta, all who were of age within Xycore's entire kingdom

had grown to swear their loyalty to him, and thus even after being dethroned, Xycore remained in his position of power, as a wandering king, because those who were loyal to him have followed him. Xycore is currently a wandering king, who is looking to grow by conquering various territories, including: parks; thrift shops; car dealerships; various globally located amusement parks [the highest he's ever aimed]; the occasional person whom he perceives to be of great

influence, thus concluding to be of great power and a wise addition to his army, i.e. Flo from Progressive [he is still chasing after her, bewildered by and unknowing to the fact that he can't grab her out of the television; beaches; most notably and most infamously and most commonly parks. Xycore's biggest threat is Puphf, who is a representative to the great power and grace of goodness, which is after all people, that they may be saved. While he is hesitant to

give away the authority he never had, there is a small

part of him that is craving redemption. It's just sad he

doesn't understand the fact that joy and happiness

doesn't come from quantity, that quantity doesn't

determine value... but that happiness and joy... true happiness and joy... comes from value... and that there is value in accepting the need to be loved, and forgiven. Goodness is calling out to him to transform him into something purely unique and special, because it loves him––Puphf loves him [Puphf can love people he

doesn't even know, by this power]–––it loves him.

If only Xycore would see this; if only, if only, if only…..

Xycore BIO:


15 February 2016 at 13:13:15 MST

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