Give me your best weird music by TheScatterbrain

Whether quirky or genre-bending or plain hard to listen to, give it to me! I've been on an indie rock bender for too long, this is getting boring.

Let me blabber about some of the stranger music I already listen to, here you go:

Gangpol Und Mit - Island of da Motherboard Slaughter
I -just- got acquainted with these guys like yesterday and it's infuriatingly hard to find their music anywhere, but look at this, they're going at it at 1000 mph and I like it.

Quinn Walker - Lion Land
I first saw this guy when he was warming up for CocoRosie at a concert years ago, and I was pretty smitten with him just coming on stage all alone with his guitar and a sampler and wailing his weird songs. He only released one solo-(double)album and as far as I know it's impossible to find online, so I guess you have to take my word and the three YouTube videos that exist from it as proof that it's good.

Throbbing Gristle - Slug Bait
Good noise, creepy noise. The lyrics for this are vile, you have been warned.

Oxbow - Daughter
Oxbow quickly became one of my favorite bands after I stumbled upon them a few years ago. This one's pretty chaotic, but they veer into more subdued blues rock and metal too.

Scott Walker - SDSS14+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)
Speaking of favorites, Scott Walker is probably my all-time favorite musician. I feel a bit bad recommending this song, because it's over 20 minutes long and I doubt most people are going to give it that much time when going through a track list. But it covers so much of what Scott Walker is all about these days: Pushing the limit of what you can do with music, sound experiments, barely decipherable lyrics, weirdly alternating between introspection and broad historical references, that odd mix of severity and playfulness, frightening, upsetting, occasionally funny (often funny in this case). Seriously though, if you don't know Scott Walker you should go listen through the album Tilt instead. Alone. At night.

Culprate - Green Urban Rain Forest
Good, quirky electronica.

Nero's Day at Disneyland - Death Parade
Even better quirky electronica.

Holly Herndon - Interference
Another artist that's strangely hard to find on YouTube. The whole album this is from (Platform) is very nice. Plays around with voice samples a lot.

The Body - An Altar or A Grave
Not that weird I guess, but I like the contrast between this super heavy doom metal and the lighter notes of the female singer that comes in occasionally.

Igorrr - Scarlatti 2.0
Igorrr is complete trash and I mean that in the best way possible. Genre-mashing like you only get it in France.

Idiot Flesh - Meat
Idiot Flesh, which later transformed into Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and a bunch of other band constellations. Another favorite.

Mr. Bungle - The Girls of Porn
Isn't it ironic that this is one of my favorite Mr. Bungle songs. It's a song about porn, with audio samples from porn, you have been warned again.

Nina Hagen - Born in Xixax
Ah, good old Nina Hagen.

Themselves - Grass Skirt & Fruit Hat
Againnn hard to find on YouTube. Them is probably the best hip-hop album I've ever heard? But sadly I don't listen to much hip-hop because there's too much crap to sift through/too much that doesn't interest me because it just plays by the rules.

Give me your best weird music


12 February 2016 at 16:15:34 MST

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  • Link This is quirky AND genre-bending af!

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    Probably the weirdest of weirdest: early 1990s Yugoslav psychedelic folk-rock. cheers

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      I'm mostly kind of mesmerized by the video. Them transition effects!

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but modern rag is hard to find, and the lyrics sure are odd:

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      It's so cute, I love it :D And it's -real- rag! It gives me a headache that swing and ragtime got a comeback only to constantly be turned into awful electro swing trash.

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        :D I'm glad you like it! And yes!!!! I hear ya! Blues really got ruined too

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    Ah, also, this, cause he's so beautiful and transvestites are good for gender bending:

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    I found this a couple of days ago and I'm addicted to it

    It's like, 1990s club music, but it's Russian and it's WEIRD

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      Oh that's where he's from! I haven't actually seen the video before.
      Honestly this isn't much weirder than the average Eurovision performance. It's kind of... a nice song? In a harmless 1990s club music way. How odd.

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        Haha, I know right? I can't get this damn song out of my head, I think I'm gonna remix it.

        I remix way too many songs.

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    I used to listen to this. It's... Pretty okay if you don't mind the f word a lot XD

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    you know idiot flesh so you probably already know sleepytime gorilla museum?
    tera melos is great
    the books - start with their first album for sure, it's called thought for food.

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      I know and love Sleepytime very much, yes :)

      I'm just skimming through all this music super fast right now, but I'll definitely give these a proper listen. Especially The Books sound really neat.

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    I'm doing this on my phone through the office so sadly I can't really provide YouTube links, but here are some artists:

    Coil (the best industrial music, one of the founding members was in TG)
    Merzbow (grandaddy of Japanese noise)
    Wolf Eyes (premiere American noise band)
    Laibach (Eastern European art-industrial project)
    Alva Noto (minimalist electronic!)
    Ryoji Ikeda (even more minimalist and artsy!)
    Cyclo (Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda team up!)
    John Cage (Legendary classical music composer)
    Umberto (super-retro horror synth throwbacks)
    Mica Levi (not really sure how to place her but she's wonderful)

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      I only have time to skim-listen through these artists really fast right now, but holy shit so much good stuff here! The only ones I know already are Coil and Merzbow.
      Except for John Cage and Umberto they all seem right up my alley - Can you maybe give me a specific piece by John Cage you like? Classical music is hard to skim-listen to.

      Oh and, while clicking around on YouTube I accidentally ended up on Cliff Martinez' soundtrack for Only God Forgives, and what do you know it sounds pretty neat:

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        I absolutely love Cliff Martinez! If you haven't already, check out all the work he's done with Soderberg (Solaris especially), not to mention his work on *Spring Breaker*s.

        As for Cage, hard to say! His Etudes Boreales might work for you, or any of his music for "prepared" piano. And definitely check out 4'33".

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    Aha! I knew I had some it just took me a day to remember.

    I actually highly recommend Myst's music in general. Uru has the weirdest, Myst III has the best, Myst IV has some pretty good ones too.