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come to my FE panel! by flowkitty

yay FE is almost here! and guess what! i have a panel this year! it is called

"cat meow!"

it is on Sunday at 11am

i know, i know it is the same time as the fursuit dance competition. but that is what i got so i will work with it. but the good thing is you can go to my panel and then after catch the last 30min of the dance competition and see who wins. that way you get the best of both world's!!!

anyway this year we will be talking about everything cat's. there will be trivia and games, all to do with cat's! and if you guys are good there will be a surprise!!

so even with the bad timing i hope at least some of you guys can come down and see me! and then you will be able to see what little old me has up her sleeve. XD


come to my FE panel!


27 February 2013 at 21:24:21 MST

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    I'll do my best to go ;)

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    It's on my list, I will be there :)

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    I will try to be there.