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Discounted anthro/furry commissions - $2 by CybertechFoxArt

Full body anthro commissions for $2 are now available. I do not get to draw anthros/furries often, so I thought what better way to get into drawing them more often than to offer cheap commissions. Plus, I am starting to plan out my artist portfolio and want to include some furry work.

As said above, the piece will be full body unless you want otherwise (i.e. a bust, head shot, etc). The finished piece will be digitally colored and shaded in Photoshop.

Before going onto the inking stage, I will send you the sketch to make sure it is to your liking.

Payment will be through Paypal and will be transferred before I start the drawing.

Here are my 2 newest examples of my anthro style:

*The style will be approved upon with practice - another reason why I'm offering the commissions*

If you wish to see more examples I will be happy to sketch some random anthros up as examples.

If interested please note me on DeviantART with details and a reference picture with the subject "Commission"

Discounted anthro/furry commissions - $2