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Interesting dream last night by Doran Eirok

So last night I had this dream. I dreamt I was a dragon. My dragon self, I believe. The proper quadrupedal sort. And I was living in a world with others of my kind.

I had been conversing with a dragoness. One I did not know well, and whom I was not certain I could fully trust. I had known of her, or known her from a distance for some time, and always been slightly uncertain of her motives and ethics. A bit dark, perhaps a bit Machiavellian at times. Very driven. Very passionate.

She had approached me to ask for my help with some large-scale magical project. Something big, something ambitious, but that she believed was very important. She wanted me to pitch in and contribute my magical energy, alongside many other dragons, to try and make some kind of deep change to the way things were. I was hesitant, but I heard her out and thought on her arguments over some number of days.

Eventually, either through her convincing or my own reflection, I decided to help her.

To do this, I had to sleep. I settled down in a quiet spot in the middle of a forest and drifted off, using what seemed to be some sort of astral projection to connect with the other dragons who were taking part. As I dreamed, I was still my dragon self, but energised and powerful and covered in shining armour. I contributed my own power and energy to the venture, joining it to many others’. I do not know how many we were, but we were many. Many dragons working together, all pouring their magic into something big and fundamental. We were trying to change the world on a deep level.

I awoke sometime later, when it was done. It was the next morning. The forest was bright, clear, warm, sunny. A very light fog at ground level between the tree trunks and ferns. Somehow the morning felt good. Hopeful.

I looked around the forest, and soon became aware that something had changed. There were motes of light, areas of coloured glow throughout the forest. Places glowing green, red, blue, gold. All distant and hiding behind trunks at first, none of them near to me, but as I explored and quietly looked through the trees, I finally spotted the source of one of these glows. There were creatures walking through the trees, human-like in appearance, but giving off a glow of light, draped in flowing white robes. Ethereal. Each had a halo over their head, a glowing ring, each a different, vivid colour. I think they had wings as well. They seemed like something between faeries, angels, and elves. They were beautiful, they were smiling, carefree. They felt magical and wonderful, and I was filled with awe and delight to look upon them.

Somehow, this was what we had done. Whatever change our shared magic had made to the world, it had been so that this could happen. So these faeries could exist, or enter our world, and somehow find safety and refuge here with us, and share their wonder and magic with our own. By being here, they were somehow protected and given a home, and our own world was enriched and made brighter for their presence. We had succeeded in what we’d set out to do, and I knew immediately that it had been a good thing.

I awoke again. Now I was a human, myself, but found myself back in my parents’ house in Michigan, in my old bedroom, and I believe younger than I am now. I remembered it all, and knew that both the human and the dragon were my life. The sense of wonder, delight, and brightness had followed me from being a dragon in the forest to being a human boy in my room, and I was left to simply reflect on these new feelings and this sense of accomplishment for a while, as I idly sat on my floor and seemed to take stock of some miniature spaceship toys I had around.

I awoke once more. Truly now, myself, in my current bedroom, some dozen or so minutes before my alarm was due to go off to rouse me for work. In the usual manner of dreams my memory of the experience quickly became somewhat patchy, but the sense of wonder, happiness, and quiet delight followed me still into wakefulness. I’ve spent the day feeling just a bit brighter than usual, especially for a work day, and like there’s a new sense of hope and lightness to things around me somehow. It’s quiet, it’s subtle, and it’s gentle, but it feels powerful and deep. Like somewhere out in the cosmos, something important has gotten just a little better.

Interesting dream last night

Doran Eirok

4 February 2016 at 11:40:21 MST

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