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Awe man, January was the most productive month in forever for me. I made so many draws and colourings, but sadly I can’t share any of them yet ;A; My gallery looks so un-updated and deserted because of it… But I really don’t know what to draw, please send suggestions of what you’d like to see me draw, it would be much appreciated!

New year have started off okay-ish. Had some bad lower body pains and is a constant state of exhausted, but at least it appears I’ve shaken that winter depression of (7-9-13) And I’m feeling somewhat positive with my art again so wooh \o/

How are you guy, gotten a good footing in the new year?

Ramblings and Art


3 February 2016 at 06:28:24 MST

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    Year started awful- funeral the first week. uu

    BUT his wife's doing well, and I FINALLY GOT A NEW JOB so yeah! Finally got my footing. Still working on kicking that depression... But it'll happen.

    Looking forward to you sharing what you've done so far!

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      Awe man, I'm so sorry to hear, it's a horrid way to start a year. I hope the wife will stay okay, and you all look out for her <3
      But new job tho \o/ Thats some good news, so what is it? Man depression is sooo deadly, but the sun is actually showing today.. Actual freaking sun!
      Feels sooo nice, aaah it's even slightly warm if you stay in it for a bit ;A;

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        We'll have sun soon, just got rain ATM... It'll be nice.

        State stores, I'll be selling booze for the govt. Cause PAs stupid, but it works!

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    This year has started off really busy for me in life and work, but overall positive. As for art suggestions, I am always about more ladies, cute things, dark things, annnnd probably pokémon

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      Mmmmh, I really do need to more dark things and pokémans, yup. Cute things there will come a steady stream of for a while I think, since I'm drawing mini pets for Novilar.com :D

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        :O wassat? (in regards to novilar.com or I could probably just go look xD )

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          its a petsim site in the making X) It's not so flashy as some of the others might be, but they have some pretty cool idears that I'm looking forward to see go live. Also their Pet creator is fun af to play around with! https://www.novilar.com/demo

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    great to hear you've got some good stuff coming! :D

    my new year lasted the entire dang January month, and a lot of significant things happened, but i think thats gonna let me really go for the things i want this year. im hoping to ramp up my own art too!

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      \o/ here's for a good art year! (and just good in general.)