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Cloud Atlas - the movie. by Silkyfur

Well, so it finally was released at the cinemas here in Sweden. Cloud Atlas. The release dates this film has had in different countries have been unusually strange and very far apart. But I finally got to see it, I just got back home after having watched Cloud Atlas in the cinema.

I've been looking forward to seeing this film ever since the beginning of December last year, when I first heard about it, as Maquenda on FA was talking with me about it.

I've been avoiding all spoilers apart from the brief things which Maquenda told me, but those little things were enough for me to know that I would love this film. And I certainly did. I was in tears at many scenes, and a lot of scenes had a profound impact.

It's so rare to see a film that corresponds so well with my own spiritual beliefs, and this film was focusing on a lot of what is my core spiritual beliefs. It also brings several important messages to everyone, and I wish every person on this planet would take those messages to their hearts.

How important it is for us all to do good deeds, and how what we do in every day life, has an impact on everyone, and everything else in the world.

It's going to take a while to fully digest all the amazing things of this movie. I had great expectations, and the film did much more than live up to those. I love films that affect me this much. :)

Cloud Atlas - the movie.


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    Really looking forward to seeing this!! :D Did you also get to see Wreck-It Ralph? That was sooo sweet!! <333

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      Oh? I had not thought of seeing Wreck-It Ralph. Since you recommend it, I think I shall reconsider, and go see it. :)