Another Month Done! by SorenKisamora

YEP another month finished, and more work is out there! Actually more work than usual. I'm coming to realize that my style is stagnating a tad again. Hence more experimentation is needed! After seeing the fantastic Work a few of my friends create with their setup, I'm starting to change Art programs. What with my Photoshop being an ancient version [5.1] It lacks features and is rather in turn, feature heavy with things i'll never use. Instead i'm going to start working on learning how to mess with Clip Studio Paint, which is more like SAI and offers Tools more geared towards actually drawing/painting instead of simpler things more ment for basic work and photo related things.

Odds are my Commission work [winkwinknudgenudge] will continue on PS until I feel my understand the new setup, but Drawings I do for myself will be in CSP from now. I expect a small drop in linework clarity [due to me leaning away from heavy pen tool usage] while better coloring tools should bump up coloring over time. Woo, exciting!

As for drawings for the month? I...have no idea honestly. I had an image of Bunny Queen Eva spillover from January that I can work on. I also thought about either starting some TF Sequences, OR starting a Comic of the sort [since CSP also comes with some Comic templates I could mess with]. Though that leads me to wonder...what would they be ABOUT? Aside from the usual things-Eva to Bunny Eva, Soren to Sera and etc I am thinking of a few things here and there. How did Eva go from adventuring Thief to Queen of the Rabbits? What does Sera DO with such a high powered job? what happens to her Beta Testers when they come in for their job? so many things I could go after. Only problem being of course that such things could take time....but i'd very much enjoy the continuity. Again I have yet to decide-I will probably spend a chunk of today jotting down sequence and comic ideas before I make up my mind.

Going into the month with no Commissions though. Woo, clean slate! ALSO of course means that I...ahem...have many open slots for the time being. Why not get yourself a nice piece of Art, hm? for a Loved one? Ones in general :P

Another Month Done!


2 February 2016 at 11:51:47 MST

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