COMMISSIONS OPEN & Totals for FY'2015 by KiyoPi

If you are curious about commissions I currently have completely cleared my back log and am at a "ready to start now" state. My wrist is doing better but still not 100% so it may take a few days but I am back in action. :)

Feel free to check out my full pricing sheet here >>> <<< and note/PM me for details if you are interested in a custom perler piece!

I will also be looking into micro beads in the future, so stand by for some more info on that! <3

Side topic: Why I price my work at what it is and my totals for last year FY'2015

First off I do want to explain that this is a side hobby for me, it's not my main source of income. I enjoy doing it so I didn't expect to make a lot of money, but after preparing my taxes for tomorrow I was shocked to see how little I actually made over the entire year...

Total net profit for FY'2015: $137.25

Yes just 75 cents shy of 138 bucks. That is how much money I was able to spend on myself after materials, expense and taxes for the entire year of 2015 as far as my perler work is concerned. So if anyone has issues with my pricing please understand that I do enjoy creating custom perlers as a hobby, but I am barely breaking even with an entire year of work. Which is why I price all the custom work the way it is and believe the pricing is extremely fair. But if you do have any questions about the above listed information please feel free to ask me in a note/PM. Here's some other stats of 2015 if you're interested...

Total Number of Custom Commissions in 2015: 37
Total Number of Cons Attended in 2015: 3
Total Shipping Expenses in 2015: $178.46
Total Materials and Travel Expenses in 2015: $1,823.95
Total Number of Reported Broken Perler Pieces in 2015: 0 (There was one incident where a metal ring broke, but it was an easy fix, no perler piece itself has yet to be reported broken or damaged for the entire year.)
Estimated Hours Spent Creating and Melting ALL Perler works in 2015: 200+

Thank you all for watching / following my works and I look forward to a new year of creating new and custom pieces for you all. (^__^)/

COMMISSIONS OPEN & Totals for FY'2015


31 January 2016 at 22:55:24 MST

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