Patreon: January 2016 Rewards! by t_iii

Patreon: January 2016 Rewards!

I’ve just updated my Patreon with a ton of new art, including WIPs of comic pages, art process animations, sketches, and artwork!

It even has a design featuring Cthulhu wearing a cone of shame. You can become a Patron and get a ton of awesome art goodies from as little as $1 per month to as much as you like.

This months offering includes: 9x sketches, 4x comic pages, 1x wallpaper, 2x illustrations, 1x animated process gif, and the password to access my newly created NSFW art blog!

As well as the items listed above there’s a ton of other stuff available as rewards too - including art commissions, social media avatars, discounts, and even cameo appearances in future comics! You also get early access to all of my comic pages, books, WIP’s and more.

And what will I do with the cash raised via Patreon? Worry less about bills and working on client projects with NDA’s, whilst producing more creator owned content to share with you, and release even more (sometimes queer) comic books in print/digital form!

As always, if you aren't able to put in $1+ towards the Patreon (or my commissions etc) I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share the details with others where you can. Whether that's the link below or sharing related posts from my Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter etc.

Go check it out:


So far we've confirmed table bookings at two conventions for 2016: London MCM Comic Con in May, and SunnyCon in June!

I'm very glad that we got tables at those two shows this year as they're both on my "do not miss" list. MCM is incredibly popular with a massive comic artist section called the Comic Village (where you'll be able to find me) - it's remarkably stressful booking a table as they're often sold out very quickly (there were 100 booking forms submitted within the first 5 mins of them going live this year). I'll be posting info here and on my various social media sites with maps etc. for each of those shows as they're released to hopefully make me easier to find.

For both shows I'll be accompanied by my other half Donna, and I'll probably be doing some combination of angelKat caricatures, butt sketches, and Sketch Machine stuff (last year I got to sketch disco vikings and Shakespeare as a Vocaloid amongst many others - so it's always good fun).

We'll be adding more to confirmed cons as bookings open.

Patreon: January 2016 Rewards!


31 January 2016 at 08:31:31 MST

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