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I took it upon myself to look for a specific tune I remember from the MS-DOS "ball and paddle" game "Twinblok". I found another tune I remember hearing alongside it; a module tune, which you can download here:
Didn't actually find the specific tune I was looking for, but in my searches, came across this goldmine.

I believe there must be tons of computer savvy folks who already know about this website, and funnily enough, I was linked to it by a mouse fur friend over 4 months ago. I just forgot about it. xD

The archives of this website house massive collections of "old computer" paraphernalia. Age old DOS programs, abandonware games, old sounds and music files in various popular and obscure formats, and other files (I'm listening to "STARDUST.MOD" from here: Nope, not the popular "Stardust Memories", but an older module tune. It's pretty nice. Sounds like something out of a non-too-popular RPG game made in a dated game editor like MegaZeux of 1994 - which has been ported up through many platforms into the 2010s. :) ).

Hearing "computer music" from over a decade and a half ago - from the 90s - warms my heart. It reminds me of simpler times when most kids played hard outdoors in all sorts of weather, and when there were all sorts of old books to enjoy, many with lovely illustrations.

Still sniffing through this archive finding all sorts of crazy things I remember... well as a few well known things!

Found more than what I originally bargained for! XD

I also love that through the power of Skyrim modding, I can use these resources to turn Skyrim into all sorts of crazy awesome - crazy mid to late 90s awesome, that is! <333 I'm having a blast! (Oh God, YES!)


29 January 2016 at 22:38:25 MST

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