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Iron Artist Commissions Open by NecroDrone

I am currently, and only, open for Iron Artist Commissions! These will be my traditional lines, full bodied pieces with my usual shading and a color drop background. $50.00 USD/character, no more than 3 characters per commission, 10 at a time up to 50 (I may do up to 100, but we'll see how the first 50 go). 2 references must be provided for each character, no text references, meaning the picture refs must be up to date. These are meant to be fast paced, so there can't be any nitpicking. My Terms of Service still applies, however for these, no edits will be done unless I have missed a detail that was in the references given.

Please fill out this form to submit a Commission Request -

The form will be closed Saturday, 10:00pm PST and payment invoices will be sent to the 10 I have chosen on Sunday. Those who have not been chosen, I encourage to try again at my next batch openings! Thank you all for the support and good luck!

Iron Artist Commissions Open


29 January 2016 at 21:51:46 MST

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    And wouldn't you know it, despite all the plotting I'm going to have to be adult and pass. Had some stuff pan out more expensive than I thought.
    Well, good luck and have fun. :)