No Cure for the Suitbuilding Blues? by Tankaa

ADVISORY: At this point, I'm stuck with what I've got. Suggestions for improvements I can't make without scrapping the suit completely are best left until I start work on the next project. I want to do better next time around, but for now, it needs to work. I'll take those Stan Winston courses before I embark on the next project.

So here we are, covered in a big, not particularly flexible pile of foam, up to six inches (155cm) thick in sections. I don't have the back plates or back closure in place yet, I'm trying to calm down just a little before I start patterning stuff, spraying glue, and wielding the turkey carver.

My budget is...not in particularly great shape, I've exceeded the target due to excessive foam use, two failed earlier attempts that left little. Total expenditures are estimated at ~$1,000 so far in spite of mad couponing. Something tells me that my ambition got the better of me.

Known Next Steps:
-Take a break before I throw the suit off of the breezeway in a fit of rage.
-Pull out the acrylic, and tinker around a bit before I paint the eyes.
-Buttress the back opening and ends of the limbs
-Smooth more foam
-Pattern, carve, and attach back plates
-Smooth foam
-Start duct tape patterning
-Buy fleece fabric, mesh (for eyes), vinyl fabric (for horn, spikes, and claws), and possibly flannel or sweatshirt material to cover the back plating.
-After the suit is skinned, look into detailing it with fabric paint.

It all boils down to the question of what do I need to do to have a more-or-less workable suit within the next forty-three days? (March 11th is my deadline.) Perfect is the enemy of good at this point.

No Cure for the Suitbuilding Blues?


27 January 2016 at 16:43:56 MST

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