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Updates for Commissions and Art by NecroDrone

Iron Artist Commissions are coming up at the end of the week, and my current queue is looking excellent for being finished by the first week of February! Just a quick heads up for what's to come -

Iron Artist Commissions - These will be my traditional lines, full bodied pieces with my usual shading and a color drop background. $50.00 USD/character, no more than 3 characters per commission, 10 at a time up to 50 (I may do up to 100, but we'll see how the first 50 go). 2 references must be provided for each character, no text references, meaning the picture refs must be up to date. These are meant to be fast paced, so there can't be any nitpicking. If I forget a large detail that was on the original refs I will make an edit, otherwise no edits will be done.

YCHs (Your Character Here Auctions) - I will be posting 5 YCHs in the next few months. Ideas Ive had in my brain that I would love to see brought to light with color! Bidding and rules for these will be posted as they become available.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, either comment below or email me at NecroDrone13 at <3

Updates for Commissions and Art


26 January 2016 at 13:52:16 MST

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    Guess I have something to get myself for my birthday, haha.
    Will be on the lookout.

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    Welp.. looks like I'd best get a second ref done. (Chuckle) Have fun with all those, hun!

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    Obviously there's no plan to do so currently, but do you think that there will be a point where you open up for full commissions again, or is that off the table permanently?

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      Not off the table permanently, just for a while. I needed a change of pace and a quicker way for funds, as I am helping my mother out currently too.