Post FC16 wrap up by GuineaPigDan

Well, I'm back from Further Confusion, and I had a really fun time! I was really happy running a table in the marketplace! (this is now my third time having a dealer table, first two times at PAW con 2014 and 2015) I'll be posting pictures of art I drew and photos I took at the convention. I won't be posting as many photos as previous years at FC since I spent most of my time at my table just so everyone is aware. I still have a few things to finish. Coloring a sketch I did for TuxBadger, a sketch commission for Excelsior30, and mailing a badge to Jogi Coonbit. After that I'll get to two last online commissions (comic for backlash backlash and animated commission for coaster14) I also have artwork I got from other artists to post too. I'm really glad with how they came out.

I'm really glad to have met so many new people and old friends too. My dad even came to visit on Sunday to see my market table. I thought the convention might weird him out, but he actually really enjoyed it and thought the fursuit costumes people were wearing we very interesting! My parents are Star Trek fans and know what Star Trek conventions are like, so maybe that might have helped too.

My next convention will be BLFC2016 in Reno. I got a dealer table there, so stay tuned!

And yes, Peter got to be in the fursuit parade! Here's a video shot by Kory Leo. (I come in around 15:20 in)

Post FC16 wrap up


19 January 2016 at 16:35:56 MST

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