Thank you FC! by Idess

Had a great time at FC :) Sales were good, though the art show was a bust for me this year sadly! Oh well, next time :)
I had a blast staying up super late with friends, arting and laughing it up. I usually am not as social at cons so this made FC really special this year! I met a ton of new people who are now good friends and it was great seeing familiar faces!

I apologize if I ever seemed nonchalant or dismissive to anyone. I was very emotionally drained even BEFORE FC started and the entire con I just felt so so tired; mentally and physically! I definitely didn't feel like myself but I tried to be as courteous as possible to clients and customers. It gets hard sitting behind a table all weekend being a seller for my art!
Thankfully I feel that my art didn't suffer as I really enjoyed all the commissions I got and was very proud with how many of them turned out!! If you got a traditional commission from me this con, I'd love to have a scan or good photo of it if you're able! I really liked how the art turned out this year and got some awesome commissions!

The Limited Edition badges were a hit and I hope to make the idea a regular thing for cons :) I liked having something cute and quick to do at night that made people smile and was con themed. Now to come up with an idea for some for BLFC and RMFC this year!

Thank you to all who stopped at my table! I had a good time and am now home and so happy to recharge my batteries! :P

Thank you FC!


19 January 2016 at 10:02:22 MST

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    It was nice seeing you there! I also had fun at my marketplace table! First time having a table at FC too! I like to consider this a practice round for BLFC, which I got a dealer table at for this year.

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      Oh nice! Glad to hear you had fun too :D I got a dealers for BLFC as well so see you there! BLFC will probably see less people/customers so we'll see how that goes!

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    I'm glad it went so good...that is definitely a convention I've missed going to the last couple years! :D

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      Thanks! Yea I missed last year and it was neat going back :) Hasn't changed at all thought hah!

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        You're welcome! :)

        I always met lots of nice people at that one! Hopefully once my personal life gets back on track...maybe I can go next year? :)