Do you have a Theme Song for your OCs? by Uluri

The Ghostly Narrator of this world they've created wants to know if any of those
peering eyes that wander upon the pages they write and create has music for themselves?
Curious, curious this otherworldly narrator is.

Oh, and I have this grape soda that completely freaked me out because it was clear.
I got so confused because it wasn't purple, but its so grapey. XD

Do you have a Theme Song for your OCs?


18 January 2016 at 10:17:45 MST

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    None of them have a specific theme song, but every once in a while I'll hear a song on the radio and think "hey, that fits so and so perfectly!" haha, I dunno x3

    ahhhh grape x.x I can't stand anything grape, haha

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    Not really, but like the person above...sometimes I'll hear a song and think it fits one of my characters! :D

    Was that like an organic soda? Where I live, there's a store that sells organic products and most of the organic sodas are completely clear--even COLA! :o There's an organic brand called "Blue Sky"...I really like their one called "Black Cherry Cherish". :)

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      Some Naturally flavored, No synthetic colors brand. The orange soda is the same way. Gets confusing when we put the soda in cups and forget whose is whose. XP

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        That would probably be a big surprise if someone gets mischevious and decides to mix the cups around! XD

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    Nope. Something tells me it would turn out really cheesy. =p

  • Link <-- Was made for me ages ago, now, but it was for when I had my old kitsune character <3 I love this song so very much

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    i do not, I've been meaning to create one

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    I'm working on playlists for all of mine, actually!

    Right now the one I'm most satisfied with (though there's a couple things I need to add) is this one for my girl Sira: