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Dev Notes Fridays

Hello everyone,

This Friday we wont be having our usual updates every two weeks. We feel that it would be better to give one final update to the demo before we then move towards creating our official release. More levels, more fishes, more content. There is allot going into our official release and is why we are preparing our next steps including a kickstarter to help us get this thing off the ground.

We are continuing to build a site, finish out the animations, and work even harder to polish all our gems. It is a lot of work and is why we feel it would be better to hold off on any other minor revision till we are ready to release the demo and official game.

We encourage all of you to continue to provide feedback as each have been most helpful in allowing us to provide better content to you, which is always our goal.

Thank you.

Argus Dev Team.

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Dev Note Fridays


15 January 2016 at 18:26:44 MST

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