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Anthro New England a week away! Who's going? by pac

getting excited! as mentioned a couple of times, me and kittiara are anthro new england's guests of honor and i am stoked to the MAX (!!!) to get this opportunity!

~ this will be my first con ever, so i hope to meet as many folks as i can!

~ i will be in the dearlers den so stop by for some goodies! come by early because i have a limited stock of stickers, buttons and limited edition printmaking packs and prints. i don't have any art reproductions this time (what people usually call "prints") but there are limited edition hand pulled fine art prints. it's a great way to collect real media work!

~ pencil sketches will be available! both in sketchbooks and loose leaf. i will be bringing some real media supplies but am unsure what exactly i'll be offering or for how much. stop by my table each day to see if there's something new to be had!

~ though i am technically a "clean" artist (sorry, no porn or sexually explicit material from me!) i LOVE drawing GORE! bring your character's refs, i look forward to drawing for you!

~ much of my free time will be spent visiting friends and keeping my husband comfortable. he is the bestest ever for coming with me, however this is not his scene, so i want to make sure i am able to spend some quality time with him outside the convention when i can. outside of my GoH duties and dealer's den i don't have much in the way of plans and playing most things by ear!

~ i don't smoke, drink or do drugs (including marijuana) so there is a good chance i will not be around if there's a lot of that going on. thank you for understanding <3


~ thank you all in advance for being patient with this shy first-timer stumbling through her first con experience trying to not look like an idiot. i am eager to meet everyone, and see all the wonderful anthro art and artists in person!

Anthro New England a week away! Who's going?


14 January 2016 at 12:13:29 MST

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    Congratulations! I am going!

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    Excited to meet you!