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Hey everyone! The YCH memorial auction ended on Friday, and with it, so did the icons for donations offer. However, I want to emphasize that you can still donate to the GoFundMe Jasen's family are holding to raise money for his funeral costs. Do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/mshbkkz8 They accept credit cards, and if for some reason you cannot do that but still want to donate, please let me know so we can work out a way for someone to get money from you and donate it on your behalf. As for the YCH auction money, it is in :linkHeffboomKonijn:'s Paypal account and we are waiting for it to clear into the bank so it can be sent to the family.

We've raised a good amount already, and thank you all so much for your generosity. I really think it's important that the community come together in times like this to show our love and support for each other and to do what we can to ease each others' burdens. Jasen's family may not be a direct part of this community, but they are touched by it and I think we owe it to Jasen's memory to make sure they do not endure rough times because of this terrible accident. We've raised over 1/5 of the money they're asking for and I think we can take it much farther. Even if it's only a little, if you can afford to give please do so. Every dollar counts, and so does every kind thought and well-wishing.

Thank you all so much.

JasenTamiia Donations


12 January 2016 at 08:41:08 MST

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