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January, oops by mamath

Whups, missed doing these updates for a couple months... I've been busy with all that stuff I talked about I guess. :U Back to it!

Starrytellers happened! We made our funding goal, printed everything and mailed out over about 250 books! :D Woo! It was a big learning experience but it went real smooth for a first time. :) Starrytellers is on the long lists for the Aurealis and Ledger Awards now - It'd be cool to win something but there's plenty of tough competition so I won't hold my breath. PRETTY COOL THOUGH.

Oh! And Starrytellers can now be purchased in my store if you missed it. :D

November Supanova happened and was lots of fun. Christmas happened! Sold lots of Boxfoxes @_@

Aaaand then New Years. Welcome to 2016, eyyyyy. Got lots of plans for 2016. New anthology to start organising, new products to design, new things to try. I'd like to start offering nice tote bags with my designs on this year. :3c And of course I've got plans for new plush. >:3c

January, oops


11 January 2016 at 05:32:28 MST

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