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Hi everyone, it turns out that my last journal wasn't noticed by anyone because there was a glitch and the message about a new journal isn't shown at all.

Anyways I was asking everyone watching me if they wanted to see me return to FA. For those who don't know me or talked to me at all, let me sum this up as short as I can... I was ReptileFetish on Fur Affinity and the biggest mistake I made was when I stated my opinion about the MLP fandom in a negative but also in a sarcastic/jokingly way. And there were people who threw their shit at me about it. That was the biggest reason why I left FA in the beginning of 2014. So yeah, now you know the short version of the story pretty much. I won't tell anything more, since it doesn't really matter so much.

So far I have 3 positive replies about me coming back to FA, even if they believe I will get some haters, which will be less than the supporters I have, but I always have the fear of being hated for just being me. It's something I can't always help but I will try to remain my calm and not getting too emotional about it. If you have anything to say about it if you haven't yet, then you can still let me know, even if you never talked to me before, you can still do it, I don't bite. ^^ Well, my teeth aren't that sharp anyway. X3

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10 January 2016 at 22:55:10 MST

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    I'd like to see you on FA back. Don't be afraid about the haters. If they rage and insult, you can report them and make their pages suffer some and teach 'em respect and a lesson too.

    Everybody have their opinions, like it or not.

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      Thanks. I know I should use blocking and reporting more often. Back then I felt like they need a chance to state their opinion so we can discuss about it and come to a compromise. But the people I argued with are not worth talking to and to talk back to. I will keep that in mind next time if trouble arises again.

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    I only met you here on Weasyl, but I wouldn't mind following your work on FA, given I'm a lot more up to date over there, haha. But honestly I think it could be a good investment to consider, if you need to block and/or report malicious users than by all means; it's perfectly normal to block users who you feel are being venomous towards you.

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      I might not getting back to FA immediately, but I will take my time to create a new FA account whenever I can.
      And yes, I see it will be more likely that I have to block a lot more people in the future, since I've got a bad reputation there.

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    I think you know my opinion on this matter. I'd welcome you back with open arms! ^.=.^

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      Thank you very much. ^^ I wanted to return sooner, but real life is keeping me away from doing that. x__x But I hope I will take the time for it the upcoming weekend.