Now taking T10K Issue 1 Pre-Orders!!!!!!! by West


Well, we're finally done (and on schedule, even) and the first amazing issue of T10K is at the printers now.

During the hiatus from posting, we've been using this time to do some re-draws and cleanups of some panels that we felt needed some touchups. We also added in four pages of bonus content that are only available when you purchase the book, which include sketches and a bunch of commentary on the world and characters!

After all the numbers were crunched, copies of the first issue will be $10.00. They will be in professional full colour quality, of course. We chose to go with magazine-sized comics (most folks voted for the larger sized Euro-style comic at 8.4" x 11.6" - and we did too, since there's a lot going on in the backgrounds!)

We'll ship comics bagged and on protective backers so hopefully your mailperson won't bend them into tiny origami swans. Price of shipping will of course depend on your location, but we'll keep it down as much as possible. (Yes, we'll ship international!)

If you want to pre-order a copy, please toss either of us a note or post here and let us know.
We're not asking anyone to pay right away just yet; just trying to get a feel for general numbers at the moment.

Also, we've got a couple character posters that are being printed that haven't been seen on any site yet and some other fun things to be made available too!

As always, thank you so much for all your great comments and support, and issue two is actually on the way... soooooon! XD

Now taking T10K Issue 1 Pre-Orders!!!!!!!


10 January 2016 at 18:40:51 MST

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