Semi-Emergency Commissions Open by Kaida_Snow


I am not happy about this at all, but the iPad I currently use to do my art has gone through my dad and my sister before getting to me, and it's pretty messed up.
In trying to fix something earlier I think I messed it up to the point that I will no longer be able to upload my art because it refuses to connect to the internet :(

Really I've needed to just reset this poor old thing (or even better, get a new iPad or a real drawing tablet, but no money for that...) for a long time now due to the issues its had, but I've been reluctant to do so since it does have all my art apps as well as games on it. If I'm gonna wipe it all out and restore it, I'll be using my own Apple ID on it from then on. It was signed into my dad's since he got it several years ago and the apps were bought from his account. I will need to re-purchase those apps through my own account.

I'll likely no longer have access to the files of art I've previously done, sadly. I hope I do manage to get it to connect to the internet so that I can save the files I currently have, but even if that happens, it still does need to be reset and put under my account...

TL;DR: iPad needs to be fully restored, art apps need to be re-bought.
So in order to at least purchase the art apps again, I'll need at least $16.
These commissions won't be started until after my iPad is fixed, so it may take a little longer to get them done.

I'm willing to do:
-Fully colored headshots (Normally $10 each. Would do two for $16, or one for $8.) Examples: XX
-Rough/sketchy full body (no NSFW), similar to how Kaida is drawn HERE. I'll do a black and white full body sketch/rough lines for $16, or $20 to have it flat colored as well (+plain background).
-Ref sheets that I do in collaboration with a friend. Details on those HERE. Prices on these must stay the same as listed.

OR make an offer for something/ask about what you would like if it's not listed. Since I don't need much I may be willing to bend a bit more than usual.

Semi-Emergency Commissions Open


9 January 2016 at 02:12:10 MST

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