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New Year, New Journal by NecroDrone

As I've said on my Twitter numerous times, there will be big changes this year, many that I am -really- excited about. For Art Related changes, I have adopted a schedule that encourages me to me more efficient and organized with my time and workload. It offers me not only a proper work schedule, but also provides time for myself and being social again. I will be back to Streaming just as soon as my webcam is fixed (its still down), but I will announce that and other art related stuff on my Twitter Account TetheredDragon.

For Personal Related changes, also within this schedule, I'll be focusing on some of my side goals. This year, we will be expecting a four-legged baby German Shepherd pup into our lives, as well as making repairs and updates to our home and helping my family out with some finances. That being said, some bad news is that ** Mercy and I will NOT be attending Further Confusion 2016 **. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and/or disappointment this may cause, but for this year, it is necessary :C We will however be attending Biggest Little Fur Con 2016, in May and I will be dealing in the Adult section of the DD. This will be the only con we will be attending this year.

Lastly, for the first part of this year, I will be opening commissions at the last week of this month, starting January 29th. These will be Iron Artist sketches, more details in the next journal! My current queue will be completed long before then. I also have a few YCHs that I will finally be auctioning within the next couple weeks, and hopefully turning some of them and other new pieces into a BDSM Collection. More projects are in the works but they will be announced at a later date.

Thank you for your continued support and patience, as always. 2015 was a rough year, but both Mercy and I are determined to make 2016 a more productive and happier one!

New Year, New Journal


3 January 2016 at 23:19:05 MST

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    Hope the new changes work out well for you!

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    And a new year in which I have plenty of opportunity to ruin your diet. ;)

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    Aaaaah, puppy!

    Best wishes with all of those undertakings. :)