Not very active here these days by Aldin

Many of those I follow here have moved on to other sites such as Twitter (of all places). I still log in and check nearly daily, but it's not like I'm an artist. And most of what I see being posted here is also posted elsewhere.

That, and a moderator deleted several of my submissions. After reviewing the site rules that one forgets about after reading them, yes, I agree on some of them, but not all that were deleted. I'm not going to bother putting those I disagree with back up on this site, such as the photo of the flowers my wife painted in the snow for the two of us last winter, that then went viral on Facebook. I'm sure it's coincidence that this occurred right after I reported a submission that was tagged as Moderate (13+) that was really Explicit (sexual 18+).

Perhaps that's one of the reason this site hasn't really taken off as hoped? (shrug)

Not very active here these days


2 January 2016 at 06:17:38 MST

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