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Infinite by Infinite



Perpetual Youth (16-124)


-The picture above was illustrated by me.

-The human is a young adult who only looks small because the wolf he is on is very large.
-Due to conflicting realities, the character can be considered anywhere from sixteen to one hundred and twenty four years of age.

Infinite: Three forms for one body. Any one of these forms will respond to the name Infinite.

Interchange: Any one of these forms can interchange any part with a part from another, including the dermis, the bones, the muscles, and everything else. This doesn't mean they will, though; their personalities may prevent them from doing so.

The Mark: The infinity mark is currently depicted in the shining energy but it would normally appear on the characters body.


Hair color: Black with a blue shine.

Hair length: Bangs drop to his cheeks, the rest is much shorter.

Hair texture: Soft

Skin color: Pale with blue undertones and blush rather than red or pink.

Scales: Instead of hair, his skin is covered with tiny flesh colored scales that are too small to see with out close inspection.

Body hair thickness: None

Eye color: Hazel

Facial feature: slash scar on the left side of is face.

Frame: Lengthy

Musculature: Slim swimmer/runner

Height: 6ft

Weight: 190lb

Wolfy Wet Furr:

Hair color (if applicable): Same as fur

Hair length (if applicable): Mane-like, bangs can grow down to his jaw.

Hair texture (if applicable): Silky

Fur color: Black with purple sheen and white with silvery blue sheen.

Fur length: Short on his face, hands and feet, medium to long everywhere else.

Fur texture: Velvet

Eye color: Purple and blue with a gold rim around the pupil.

Facial hair: None

Frame: Feral and Sturdy, see GoldenWolfen's were wolf work. Wolf with husky tail.

Musculature: Thickly toned and sleek.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 200lb

Wing size: 13ft span

Feather colors: Black with blue sheen

Flesh: Black with both purple and blue tones. Softer flesh, like the mouth and paw pads, is a less saturated purple.


Scale color: Most of the body is black. The undersides are white with a silvery blue sheen.

Scale length: Large

Scale texture: Like polished stone to the touch, yet flexible.

Eye color: Silver

Facial hair: None

Frame: Feral. Long and flexible in urban areas, large and powerful in more open places. Tail can split into three.

Musculature: Like a race horse made dragon

Height: 10ft at the shoulder

Weight: ?

Wing size: Varies, can be small for gliding or large for flight.

Scale colors on wings: Scales are black. The sails are white with a silvery blue sheen.

Talons, horns, and teeth: Diamond like.

Character Information