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The third character from a random number of characters. Unlike the previous ones, this is already closer to the faction that I am working on in terms of meaning and content.
Initially, her name suggested a Chinese connotation, like a number of characters, but the further I thought about this theme, the more strange and bad she looked, so that all that remained of Ho Lienhuang was the abbreviation - HoLy, or even more often I call her - Ly.

And I also jokingly call her old lady, because even though I wanted to resurrect my characters, which I invented even in elementary school (I just saw one comic book about forgotten characters and somehow felt sad, the ideas weren’t bad), but they changed, and Lee He just doesn’t want to change! She's based on my cat, which is literally two-faced with different eyes, and Lee's personality is also cat-like. Why my cat is a wolf, I don’t know, but then I wanted to add it to the custom map for Warcraft, similar to Dota, and Lee’s trick was that she changes modes from healer/support to kerii without losing mobility. Here she is also a mobile, bloodthirsty druid with healing and the ability to grow plants. She especially loves ropes and often does not kill enemies, but ties them up like a spider. She has the blood moon curse, as evidenced by her red eye. There is a strange moment with him, so I come up with characters, and then literally meet them, yes, it looks like coincidences, but predicting that the cat’s eye will get sick and also turn reddish in color really scared me! So back to the imaginary world! She grabbed the curse not from the moon itself or the scarlet horde, but from her father genetically. The curse affects differently and Li cannot feel love at all, but she does have bloodthirstiness under the moon, albeit controlled. When the blood moon rises, Lee's hair turns red.

In stories, Lee has always been and will be more of a secondary character, because she does not change. Which is ironic considering who her mother is. Well, she saved a god from losing a duel to another god. This would be interesting if it weren’t stupid AAAAAA I’m running to kill you, the moon rose and my mind was blown! What is more interesting is that the god of destruction could not split her into molecules. To further the theories, let me remind you of Guardians of the Galaxy Parts 1 and 2... Hee hee! I love theories! The Lee family is one big adventure! Fate has scattered her to all corners of the universe, and if I present her father, then it will take a long time to find Li’s mother!

So perhaps the conclusion (and not only), otherwise I feel like there is a mess of text here.
Lee is a hyperactive girl looking for her parents. She has a curse that makes her sometimes bloodthirsty. She is a Druid and knows healing magic. She usually works part-time as an assassin. If she doesn’t like the order, then the customer himself may end up in a coffin, or even a jaws.

And like many of my beast people (I don’t know why I can’t call them furry) Li eats like a beast, that is, she literally catches a living bird and eats it raw and with feathers. Just get used to the fact that my birds eat insects, wolves eat raw meat, etc.

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