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Sarcasm by Lovely Tigress


Lovely Tigress

Female (she/her)
Sumatran/Sunda tiger

Concept reference I made over the summer of my fursona, Sarcasm! Of course, I've already posted some art of her, but never as a full-body and not with the other fancy stuff >:3c

She's just a big silly sparkle cat really. Me but if I were cool and fun and interesting.
No notes in the actual image because I made the hasty decision to upload this lmao, but uhh quick design notes, mainly for myself in the future:

  • Inspired by the Sunda/Sumatran tiger population, my favorite. ^^

  • She is BIG and ROUND and overweight. I drew her proportions kinda wonkily now I'm looking at this months later, but uhh yeah she should not be drawn lean or skinny.

  • She is BIG but also SHORT. She's big for a cat, kinda small for a tiger, if that makes sense.

  • Markings can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, it doesn't totally matter.

  • Markings are NOT random, but feel free to simplify (clean lines only, no stripe "glitter", etc).

  • Yellow spots can be the pale purple color, and any stripes can be yellow! It looks not that great when I do it, but maybe I'll make them look cool in the future.

  • Paw pads and inside of mouth are the same color pink as her nose pad. Paw pads can be gold or dark purple though.

  • Snaggle tooth can only be her upper left canine. She has other teeth obviously, but sometimes I just draw her with the one if the drawing is simple enough.

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