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Boofcat Manor


10 January 2013 at 07:12:45 MST

Boofcat Manor
2' 4"

This is my son......i had him with my's his background.......and yes......i'm a guy giving birth:

GOES INTO LABOR AT 11:50:04am EST on the day of JULY 15th, 2012 AT HOME

Me: MARCOOO!!!!!! ITS HAPPENING!!!! >.<; **panics**

Marco: what?? **looks at me confused**

Me: **looks at Marco with an evil face**

Marco: OH!! OHOHOHOHOH!! **grabs car keys and rushes over pharaxer & obiron to help get me in the car**

Obiron: Daddy?

Me: WHATWHATWHATWHAT?????? **strains a little**

Obiron: Are you okay? **cute worried face**

Me: **hugs him and kisses his forehead.....starts to pant** yea.......**starts to pant and strain more and gets blood on my pants**

Pharaxer: MASTER YOU'RE BLEEDING!!! **points at the blood**

Marco: **starts driving fast but carefully to the hospital**

-19 minutes later-

**pharaxer and Marco help me out of the car and obiron runs to get a doctor**

Obiron: MY DADDY NEEDS HELP!! >.< **starts to cry**

Doctor: **calls over 3 doctors and they all rush to get me in a mobile bed**

Me: **panics** OBIRON! come're hun...**kisses his forehead** it's okay...**feels sharp pain** everything's okay **pants and tries to smile** AHHHHHHHHH!!

Doctor: GET HIM IN A ROOM!! **looks at obiron, pharaxer, and marco** who's the spouse?

Marco: I am!

Doctor: Sir, come with me **walks into the room I'm in**

Marco: Pharaxer, watch obiron!! **follows the doctor**

Pharaxer: **looks at obiron with a creepy smile**

Obiron: ÔwÔ

-5 hours later-

Marco: **goes out and finds pharaxer and obiron asleep in a chair cuddling.....wakes them up** you guys hungry?

Obiron: **grabs at Marco's pants**

Marco: **picks up obiron and he falls asleep on him...takes them to a mcdonalds down the block**

Pharaxer: WHERE'S DA BABY!!!!??!? >v<

Marco: **giggles** not here yet ^^ but I gotta feed you guys too ^^

-23 minutes later back at the hospital-

**Marco gives pharaxer $5 to spend on vending machine snacks**

Marco: SHARE!!!

Pharaxer: awww that's not fair >.<'

Marco: **goes back to my room**

-7 hours pass-

Marco: **comes out crying a little**

Obiron: Dad?? What's wrong??

Marco: **wipes his tears** nothing....nothing **remembers doctors saying that "the baby is going to need it's legs amputated due to a mutation in the cells that created them"......starts to cry again**

Obiron: **wipes Marco's tears cutely...and hugs him**

Pharaxer: **joins the hugs**

Marco: **stops crying** Are you guys hungry?

Obiron: yes ^^

Pharaxer: do ya have to ask? ^^

Marco: **giggles** okay...let's go ^^ **takes them to get pizza**

-3 hours later back at the hospital-

Doctor: **comes out of the room I'm in** Would the family of UriYuki please follow me?

**pharaxer and obiron run after the doctor into my room**

Marco: No running ^^ **goes into my room**

Me: **holding the sleeping baby in my arms** They were able to do more than I thought ^^

Obiron: I WANNA SEE DA BABY!! >v<

Pharaxer: **runs up to the bed**

Marco: **grabs pharaxer's tail in chibi form** not so fast you >.< **picks both of them up and puts them on either side of me** He's so beautiful ^^

Me: **looks at Marco** that's because he has such sexy parents ^^

Marco: heh ^////^

Me: **looks at obiron** meet your new bro **rubs obiron's head**

Obiron: O.O AWESOME!!!! >v<

Pharaxer: O.O CAN I BITE HIM? >v<

Me: **looks at him evil in chibi form**

Pharaxer: >.<; just kidding **scared laughs**

Doctor: What is his name?

Me: **looks at Marco**

Marco: **looks at me and smiles**

Me: **looks at the doctor...then at the baby** Boofcat Peyton

Doctor: Very unique name ^^ **goes out to make a birth certificate**


Since my ex and i broke up, Boofcat (i call him boofy) is in my care so...I have changed his last name to Manor

He was made by Electrocat

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